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For nine months the umbilical cord plays a vital role in the care of a child's health. Cryo-Save offers a unique opportunity to families to extend this care About Cryo-Save - processing and preservation of stem cellsby saving cord blood and cord tissue and the stem cells it contains.


Cryo-Save guarantees the highest quality standards in terms of transport, preparation and security of a child’s stored stem cells. Every single step is based on the strictest scientific and industrial standards.


Cryo-Save is officially accredited by the Dutch Ministry of Health as Licensed Tissue Establishment for collection, analysis, processing, preservation, storage, packaging and distribution of stem cells from the umbilical cord.

As of 2010 Cryo-Save also offers the storage of adult stem cells from adipose tissue for use by patients undergoing a surgical procedure.




The Group operates a growth strategy via:

• Organic growth in existing markets
• Geographic growth into new markets
• Growth by acquisitions
• Development of new services

Cryo-Save is financially stable and is a publicly listed company at NYSE Euronext Amsterdam.



Cryo-Save, as the international leading family stem cell bank, offers collection, analysis, processing and cryogenic preservation of three sources of human adult stem cells:

1. Hematopoietic stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord blood
2. Mesenchymal stem cells obtained from the umbilical cord
3. Mesenchymal stem cells obtained from adipose tissue



About Cryo-Save - organic, geographic growth strategyCryo-Save endeavors to ensure that all its facilities meet the highest quality standards and are properly accredited. All Cryo-Save laboratories are obliged to reach or exceed nationally imposed legal standards in this highly regulated industry. Cryo-Save currently has processing and storage facilities in Belgium, Dubai, Germany, India and South Africa. View Cryo-Save's laboratories here.

Cryo-Save employs around 270 employees across the Group. Our employees are highly educated, trained and experienced in the field they operate. We have more than 20 medical doctors amongst our staff. This drive and creative thinking fuel Cryo-Save’s growth. We offer our employees a truly rewarding work environment, competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package.


Since the first samples of our customers were stored in 2000, Cryo-Save has grown into one of the world leaders in family stem cell storage, with a record number of over 200,000 customers.

Our customers are expectant parents who are well informed by their treating physician and Cryo-Save about the current 80 treatments of blood diseases with HSCs from UCB and the potential of regenerative medicine with MSCs from the cord tissue and fat tissue. Also more and more adult customers that store their fat tissue (Cryo-Lip) are aware of the opportunity to reuse their fatty tissue for plastic surgery.

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